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Do you want to live a financially-empowered retirement?
Joe Roseman Jr.
Charlotte's Local Financial Educator
Attend this Free workshop and ...
  • Learn what the recent tax changes could mean for your retirement accounts and how you can prepare for future higher taxes.
  • Discover simple and easy-to-understand strategies showing how to make sure you will be OK in retirement.
  • Understand what every independent woman MUST KNOW about retirement income, taxes, inheritance  (and more) to manage wealth wisely.
  • Learn ways to turn potential mistakes into powerful retirement strategies.
Seating is limited!
Morrison Regional Library
7015 Morrison Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28211
Wednesday, March 20th
6:15 pm
This is a no-obligation event, nothing will be sold.
If you have any of these questions, then this workshop is for you!
  •  What should I know about Social Security so that I'm getting the highest income benefit?
  •  I have different types of assets (stocks, real estate, IRA, etc), which assets should I spend in retirement and which should I leave to my kids?
  •  Will the recent tax changes affect me?
  •  How can I make sure that I'll have enough money and income to live the retirement I want and still leave the kids something?
  •  Are there ways to reduce the taxes I owe on my 401k, TSP, and IRA in case tax rates go UP in the future?
  •  How do Roth Conversions work, and is that a good idea?
  •  Will the tax changes affect the taxes on my RMDs and Social Security benefits
  •  How does my taxable income affect how much I pay for Medicare? 
Not affiliated with or approved by any Federal or State government agency.
This workshop is strictly educational, and no investments will be endorsed. However, the presenter may invite you to a follow-up consultation where investments could be discussed. See our Workshop Questions page for more information. Use of this meeting space does not constitute endorsement of program/meeting or its content by venue's ownership.
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