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Do you know how to avoid the top 5 Estate & Financial Planning mistakes?
Join Us For A Free Must-Attend Workshop
With Charlotte's Local Estate & Financial Educators, Joe Roseman, Jr. and Kelly Rains Jesson
Seating is limited!
South County Library
5801 Rea Rd,
Charlotte, NC 28277
Thursday, March 14th
6:15 pm
This is a no-obligation event, nothing will be sold.
Attend this Free workshop and ...
  • Learn how to avoid probate and unnecessary taxes and delays by having a SIMPLE PLAN.
  • Discover how to protect your nest egg from nursing home & Long-Term Care costs.
  • Understand what every retiree MUST KNOW about beneficiary designations.
  • Learn ways to ensure that what you want to happen DOES happen.
If you have any of these questions, then this workshop is for you!
  •  What should I know about PROBATE so my family doesn't have to deal with a mess?
  •  Do I have the right documents in place in case I become incapacitated?
  •  I've heard I should put my house in my kid's name to make sure the nursing home doesn't get it - is that right?
  •  Who should I name as beneficiaries for my retirement accounts, does it matter?  
  •  It seems like tax laws change a lot - what do I need to know about the new tax laws?
  •  Is a trust just for the ultra wealthy, or are there reasons why middle-income retirees should consider one?
     How do I set up my estate to protect my investments from taxation for my children and grandchildren?
Not affiliated with or approved by any Federal or State government agency.
This workshop is strictly educational, and no investments will be endorsed. However, the presenter may invite you to a follow-up consultation where investments could be discussed. See our Workshop Questions page for more information. Use of this meeting space does not constitute endorsement of program/meeting or its content by venue's ownership.
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